The Stunning "X-series 3.9"

Cue Media are proud to announce the new & exclusive.....

The new X-39 Video Wall

 X-series 3.9 Video Wall 

Introducing the new "x-series 3.9" the latest in LED technology, incorporating a lightweight, high resolution screen in a portable and self-contained flight case.


Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

The "X series 3,9" has been specifically designed with ease of use and installation in mind. The high resolution screen can be up and displaying an image within ten minutes, unlike any other LED product on the market.
Built in Support System

Built in Support System

Traditional LED screens require a time consuming and expensive support structure or ground stacking syste. With the new "X series 3.9" this is now a thing of the past. The fast rigging extension system is specifically designed to hang the screen from and is built into the case.
Single Person Setup

Single Person Setup

Expensive labour costs incurred whilst installing and removing standard LED screens are substantionally reduced when using the "X series 3.9". During the development of the product, one of the major objectives was to ensure that the screen could be installed by a single person. This goal has been achieved by using the latest technology and an understanding of the market places the screen will be used in.

Images, be they pictures, video or Power Point can be simply installed onto the main display and control system. Information can be regularly updated and changed depending on your requirements.

Technical Details

  • Ability to link multiple screens together
  • Setup in as little as 10 minutes
  • Multiple inputs - DVI, HDMI, S-VIDEO, RGB
  • Multiple formats - PAL / NTSC / SECAM
  • Refresh rate - 4000Hz
  • Panel size 1m x 1.75m
  • Case dimensions - 1142mm x 610mm x 410mm
  • Pixel pitch - 3.9
  • IP43 rated
  • 1500 nits brightness
  • Average power (per square metre) 200w
  • Operating Voltage - 24v DC